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February Cocktails

Have any special plans for Valentines Day? It's nice to sometimes just stay home and have dinner and a movie, here are a few drinks ideas to make if you are staying in!


Valentine cocktails

{Image Sources: 1. The Stylish Type; 2. Jillian Harris; 3. Freutcake; 4. Jelly Toast}


  1. Red Valentine via The Stylish Type: What better way to get in the mood than with this vibrant red cocktail featuring grenadine (which gives its lovely color), tequila and lemonade.
  2. Lady Rose via Jillian Harris: Flavored with Rose Syrup and garnished with rose petals, this fragrant pink drink is a lovely sipping cocktail to share with your sweetie.
  3. Cherub's Cup Cocktail via Freutcake: Featuring fresh strawberries, elder flower liqueur, vodka (or gin) and sparkling Rosé the Cherub's cocktail is fit for the God of Desire, Cupid himself.
  4. Love Potion via Jelly Toast: Pink perfection, this peppermint schnapps, creme de cocoa, vodka, raspberry simple syrup & cream will surely put you under a spell you're sure to love.


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