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Your Bridesmaids Will Thank You

Remember those days when brides used to try to make their poor bridesmaids dress in horribly ugly bridesmaid gowns just to make themselves shine? Well, thank goodness, those days are gone. Brides have come to realize that the old age practice of de-beautifying their bridesmaids is simply ridiculous, and in fact, what's best for the entire wedding is to have everyone feeling confident and secure in their own clothes. Enter, Coco Myles, an online website providing bridesmaids with the opportunity to customize their gowns to fit their body and style.

Ingenious, we say!

bridesmaid dresses


We Think You'll Love...Milk & Honey

Looking for your perfect wedding shoe? Do you feel like you almost find it, but if only there was a higher heel, a peep toe, a bow, a slightly different color... whatever the issue we have found a solution! Milk & Honey lets you create your dream shoe. Not only are you the designer, but all of these shoes are hand made. Milk & Honey offers a selection of animal free shoes, fashion pumps, flats, bridal shoes, and sandals. Don't let your search go on any longer. Head over to Milk & Honey's website to start designing the shoe for you! 


Fashion Forward

just fabulous

Do you ever wish you had your very own stylist, like the celebrities we see on TV, movies and magazines? Well, now you can! Enter the fashion website Just Fabulous. Just Fabulous is an online stylist where fashion selections are chosen specifically for you. Here's how it works:

1. Take The Fashion Personality Quiz
Spend a few minutes answering a few quick questions about your fashion preferences.

2. Style Experts Assemble Your Selections

Based on your personal style, a group of fashion gurus handpicks items for you to choose from every month.

3. You Decide What To Buy
Purchase only the items you want for $39.95 each. Buy a pair of shoes or a handbag or mix and match with one of each. Or you can really splurge and buy several items from each boutique! If you can't make a purchase one month, simply Skip This Month, and they will send you new options next month. You'll also receive free shipping both ways.



Dress State of Mind

There is no doubt about it...we love creativity. And today's post celebrates the creativity of installation and performance artist, Robin Barcus Slonina. Robin, has taken on the project of creating a site-specific, interactive "dress" sculpture in each of the fifty states in the USA. Over the last few years, Robin has created a garbage bag dress, pine cone dress, poker chip dress, willow dress, corn husk dress, white pine dress, second hand woven dress, and grass dress. You can follow her on her journey here.


Introducing You To Rue

A while back we introduced you to Nesting Newbies, one of our favorite online magazines. Today we are pleased to present you with another online publication called Rue.

Rue is all about design, fashion and what's hot now, three of our favorite things. The brainchild of Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage, Rue is fresh, filled with great ideas and because it's on online magazine...absoultely free.

What more could you want?

rue magazine


rue magazine

rue magazine

rue magazine



We Think You'll Love...

We are always on the hunt for the most unique and beautiful bridesmaid gifts. Today' we've found something we truly love. May we introduce you to Chantelle Nicole Designs? Their exclusive hand drawn frame necklaces are whimsical with a touch of a vintage feel. Choose between a circle, oval, or square (add’l charms $21 each) and initial of your choice. Charms are strung on a sterling silver chain and accompanied by a sweet little freshwater pearl. We know your bridesmaids will cherish these sweet and thoughtful gift for years to come.

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Fall For RUCHE!

Spring has hit the road. Summer has come and gone. And whether we like it or not, fall is upon us. That means sweaters, scarves, and boots galore! When we stumbled upon Ruche, a modern boutique with a vintage touch, we swooned over their amazing fall ensembles. Ruche is an online-boutique based out of California and strives to find unique pieces that won't leave you broke. If you're ready to find some new pieces to add to your wardrobe check out Ruche's website for all they have to offer!


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