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Piece de Resistance by Jennifer Behr

pièce de ré⋅sis⋅tance: Eng.piˈɛs də rɪ n. the most noteworthy or prized feature, aspect, event, article, etc., of a series or group; special item or attraction.
With her new fall collection Jennifer Behr reaches exactly that level and continues her tradition of detailed handwork and construction techniques. She has created a glamorous collection of headpieces for the season, inspired by Victorian jet jewelry, with trace elements of elegant punk. Autumn/winter 2009 is composed of dark jet crystals, gray pearls, sleek cording, silk satins, robust patents and slinky chains. Bow silhouettes add a touch of youthful lightness, from dark and moody to seriously feminine. While not inexpensive, each piece is capable of providing exactly the desired affect for the elegance of the celebration no less just the right frame for the face of the bride and or attendant Many of the pieces eclipse Swarovski crystals in the jeweled bands and hair clips (not shown). Prices for full bands range from $150 up to $875. Hair clips start at around $60.

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