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Wedding Tip #4 - Corsage & Boutonniere Traditions | B&E Lucky in Love Blog

Advice to Help You Through the Wedding Planning Process


Wedding Tip #4 - Corsage & Boutonniere Traditions | B&E Lucky in Love Blog

Corsage & Boutonniere Traditions - Outside of the wedding party itself, Mother of the Bride and Grooms, Stepmother's, and Grandmothers traditionally are given a corsage. Boutonnieres include Ushers, Father of the Bride and Grooms, Stepfathers and Grandfathers.

Find more helpful hints and tips on Corsage & Boutonnieres for your wedding HERE.


Charming Wedding Traditions

In honor of St. Patrick's Day next week, here are 4 lucky Charming Wedding Traditions sure to add extra luck to your wedding day.

Wedding Traditions

{Image Sources: Bells: Aspect Photography; Horseshoe: Jess & Nate Studios; Sixpence: AndASixPence; Heather: Jane Fleur Florals}

  1. Ringing Bells ~ An Irish tradition that believes the chime of the bells will ward of evil spirits.
  2. White Heather ~ A Scottish tradition that symbolizes good fortune.
  3. Horseshoe ~ An Irish tradition for good luck that when turned upside down symbolizes that your luck will never run out.
  4. Silver Sixpence ~ Place a sixpence in the brides left shoe for happiness, joy, & wealth throughout your marriage. 

Something Blue Wedding Color Inspiration

It's an age old tradition for brides to carry something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, on their wedding day.  This old English rhyme, which often ends with "and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”, is the perfect opportunity for brides to collect and carry sentimental items from family and friends on your special day.  

Lately however we are seeing a trend the focuses particularly on the "blue" portion of this fun superstition that we are in love with. Trend-setting brides are incorporating blue on their special day in a way that has nothing to do with the "old" and everything to do with the "new"! We're seeing brides embracing the hue everywhere from their nail polish, to their lacy underpinnings, to their shoes (our personal favorite!), in hair accessories, and beyond.

Today's wedding inspiration board showcases some of theses ways we're seeing brides incorporate blue into their wedding day. Are you embracing the "Something Blue" practice? Share with us how you're showcasing your personality in this tradition!


Blue Wedding Inspiration

{Image Sources: Woomee; featured on The Knot photo by Erika Parker; feature on Mod Wedding photo by Aves Photographic Design; featured on Southern Weddings photo by Nate Henderson Photo; featured on Lauren Conrad via Bhldn; Chic Maddies Boutique; Mon Cheri Bridals; Pure People}


Ideas to Start a Wedding Tradition

wedding tradition
By including a special item or tradition in your ceremony and reception that has been used by other family members, or that you yourself may wish to pass on to future generations, you allow family and friends to share in your joy as well as the traditions of your family.

Here are some ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your wedding:

  • Select a Bible that you can comfortably carry down the aisle with you. At the completion of the ceremony, you and your groom can sign your names and your wedding date in the front of the Bible as well as the location and time of your marriage. As each future bride and groom uses it, their names will be added.
  • The kneeling cushions and ring-bearer's pillow used during the ceremony can be made from the wedding gown of one of the bridal couple's mothers or grandmothers or from fabric selected for the occasion, and then passed on to future generations of family brides and grooms.
  • If you decide not to use your mother's wedding dress, what about using her veiling and attaching it to the headpiece you have selected? This gives you the "something old" to use with your wedding attire.
  • Many brides choose to carry a family memento during their wedding. A handkerchief made from the lace of a family member's gown or veil can be easily carried with your bridal bouquet.
  • Your wedding garter can be made from satin and lace used by other family members in their wedding attire. Just make sure you have a backup garter for the groom to throw at the end of the reception.
  • Instruct your florist to design your bridal bouquet with two detachable flowers that you can give to your mother and mother-in-law as you return down the aisle.
  • Since the first toast at the reception signifies the celebration and coming together of two families as well as the beginning of a new one, silver or pewter toasting goblets make wonderful gifts to be passed on to future family brides.
  • Your cake knife and server are something you will want to save and pass on.
  • The day of your wedding, plant a tree or a rose bush that you can watch grow throughout the years of your marriage.
  • A perfect gift from the groom can be a charm bracelet. With each year, in celebration of your wedding anniversary, a new charm can be added.

When you've returned from your honeymoon and have packed away your dress, you'll want to get a special box in which you can carefully pack all of your wedding treasures. Someday you can share them with your daughter(s) and future daughters-in-law.